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Foundation Repair:

Serious damage to your Orange home foundation or property in can develop immediately after building a new home or years later as changes occur within the soils that surround and support your home or property. Whether the damage is caused by changes in soil moisture content, poor drainage, concrete issues, or poor compaction of fill soils, we offers permanent solutions to get your home back on solid ground.

Slab Crack Repair:

Concrete can be damaged by a variety of elements, such as storm damage and every day wear and tear throughout the years and can lead to different types of problems, such as injuries, bugs and other critters getting in, and water damage. If the crack or damage goes unattended long enough, it could lead to other damage in other parts of the concrete, such as structural damage which can become costly to repair in your home in Orange, CA.

Earthquake Retrofitting:

Foundation bolting (house bolting) has been compared to a seatbelt for your house in Orange, CA. The up-and-down and side-to-side motion of an earthquake can shake an unbolted house off its foundation.

Most residential homes in Orange, CA are either built on slab or raised foundations. The home's weight is the primary reason that keeps the house from moving or sliding off its foundation.

Bolting is the process of fastening the house to the foundation perimeter. Bolting your house is the best measure you can take to prevent damage inflicted by:

1. Earthquakes
2. Natural house settling
3. Water damage

Hillside Retrofitting:

In a house built on a very steep hillside the basic seismic retrofitting (bolting the house to the foundation and adding plywood to the cripple walls) is usually not sufficient to resist the strong forces of earthquakes. Each hillside retrofit is a unique situation and has to be designed by a professional structural engineer or an architect.

The basic idea is to attach the house very securely to its foundation at the top of the hill to prevent the house from detaching completely and sliding downhill. Of course, the uphill foundation has to be strong enough to support the entire weight of the house trying to pull away from it. Strengthening the uphill foundation could be very costly.

House Floor Leveling:

A sagging floor is common in older homes and is due to foundation settlement. Over time the soil under the foundation will settle, usually at different rates in different areas, causing the floor to warp and sag. The cause of foundation settlement can be poorly compacted soil, or the cumulative effects of earthquakes over time, but the main reason is usually water. Poor drainage, water from leaky pipes, rain, or sprinklers, if it is allowed to collect near the foundation and soak the soil. Wet soil has reduced bearing capacity, and over time will result in soil settlement and foundation damage in homes in Orange, CA.

Foundation Drainage & Waterproofing:

The installation of proper drainage systems surrounding the structure provides a safeguard against the impact of water accumulation and flooding during the rainy season. Soil erosion and shifting can be prevented.

Maintaining proper drainage at the perimeter of your foundation in Orange, CA can prevent many ways of foundation damages.


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